KA Editorial | Freelance Copywriter & Editor
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Freelance copywriter and editor based in Australia, working with ethical companies to create positive change.

Professional Freelance Copywriting & Editing

At KA Editorial, I provide professional copywriting and editing services for a wide range of clients across Australia, New Zealand, America and Asia.

As an experienced freelance copywriter, I can help you write the words you need for your business – saving you time and stress, while increasing your reach and impact. With my copywriting services, I can create clear, concise content for your website or blog, written in the unique voice of your business to suit your target audience.

I also have very high-level editing and proofreading skills, to make sure all your content is error-free and consistent in layout and tone.

Working with Ethical Companies & Responsible Brands

Through KA Editorial, I’ve combined my passion for writing with my commitment to positive change.

Many of my freelance clients are small to medium-sized businesses providing environmentally-conscious, eco-friendly products or services. I also work with a number of large non-profit organisations, community groups and innovative startups – all good people doing good things!

My work for these clients focuses primarily on issues such as environmental awareness, social justice, human rights, gender equality, and positive mental health. You can view samples of my work in my portfolio.

Send me a message if you’d like to get in touch about a copywriting or editing project.
You can also connect with me through LinkedIn and Twitter.